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February 2021
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About Everything Homeschooling

We have successfully been providing Weekly Homeschool Lessons and Learning Activities for 15 years, since April 2005. Our Subscribers have enjoyed the easy functionality, stress-free homeschooling, and well-rounded education they've found for their children through our site. In addition to the Weekly Lessons and Daily Learning Activities, we provide Hands-On Projects, Daily Writing Ideas, Unit Studies, Weekly Challenges, Reading Suggestions, Homeschool Help, Free Newsletter, and Monthly Online Homeschool Magazine. We are always here for you every day, every week, every month, year after year!

Successful, Simple, Fun, Interesting, AND Educational!

Yes, you can educate your child, using this website! This is exactly how we homeschooled our child. He went on to college, became a computer programmer and web developer, worked with the New York Times Media Group, and now runs his own programming and web development business. Your child can become anything he or she would like to become! Our family did it, using the lessons and homeschooling style on this website. You can do it, too!

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Our Mission
Our intent is to help you with everything you need for homeschooling - every step of the way! We have done all the legwork for you. Here, in one place, are thousands of homeschool activities, weekly lessons, and educational ideas and resources, to keep your homeschool experience easy, affordable, and enjoyable for all your family.

We help you to provide your children a well-rounded education, not only centering on subjects studied in Grades K-12, but with life knowledge, as well. We focus on "learning how to learn," how to self-educate, how to succeed in life, how to set goals, and how to consistently achieve goals for a happy, successful life.

Our History
We are homeschool parents, who have been involved in helping parents with the education of children in many walks of life. We have had experience not only in homeschooling, but in tutoring and teaching various ages, from preschool and kindergarten, through the early and middle years, through high school, graduation, and beyond!

We have written educational books, including the popular Everything Homeschooling Book by Sherri Linsenbach. We have also operated the highly regarded HomeschoolFun.com Web site since 1997.

We once started on the road to homeschooling with very little information available to us. We researched homeschool curriculum and homeschool laws. We searched for - and connected with - other homeschoolers, locally and globally.

We learned everything we possibly could about homeschooling, so that we would have a successful homeschool experience. And we did! In fact, our wonderful experiences exceeded our greatest expectations!

And now we want to share that information, knowledge, and experience with the thousands of homeschoolers who visit our site every day!

Our Goals
We continually develop wonderful plans for the future and for assisting you in the education of your children. We have a series of homeschool books in progress, as well as new ideas for our online homeschool magazine.

We know that you are continuously looking for new ideas and fresh information to make your homeschool experience a successful, enjoyable one. And our goal is to deliver that to you - every month, every week - to help enhance your child's future and your family's happiness!

We understand that some of you occasionally run into stumbling blocks or encounter special challenges. And we are here to help you find and implement solutions!

Our goal is to help you, every step of the way. We will continuously expand and develop our monthly homeschool ezine, so that you and your family will receive the ultimate benefit from it.

Our Thanks to You!
We also want to thank the many thousands of you, who have taken the time to share your ideas, your suggestions, your questions, your articles, your photos, and your children's creations with us!

"Thank You" - to each and every one of you! We wish you and your family happiness, blessings, and far-reaching successes in the years to come! Happy homeschooling!

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