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  • Litmus Paper Experiment

  • Test for Acids and Bases

    Test a variety of items to see if they have acidic traits, alkaline traits, or are neutral. Record your findings on our Science Experiment log sheets or in your Science Journal. Make your own litmus paper with red cabbage and paper strips: Click Litmus Paper Experiment. Then test various items for their acidic or alkaline properties. Print our Science Experiment log sheets for recording your experiments and results: Print Science Logs. Learn more about acids and bases here: Click Acids and Bases. Have fun!

  • Foucault Pendulum and Earth's Rotation

  • Lesson Activity on Foucault's Pendulum

    Jean Foucault created his pendulum to help understand the earth's rotation. Experiment with this online interactive pendulum on the PBS Kids' website: Click Pendulum (uses Shockwave). Make your own pendulum: Click Make Pendulum and Click Pendulum Challenge. Try the activity sheet on the Foucault Pendulum at this Science link: Click Pendulum Lessons.

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  • Origami and Math

  • Origami Helps Strengthen Math Skills

    Children can learn and practice certain math skills, while creating animals, people, vehicles, and other objects. Through origami (paper folding), children gain hands-on experience with geometric shapes, planes, angles, area, symmetry, and fractions -- plus strengthen critical thinking and reasoning skills. For a brief history of origami, see this article, History of Origami.

    Fun with Origami: For 24 colorful sheets of origami paper and 17 easy-to-do projects, you can order the Fun with Origami book from our online store for $3.00 (shipping is free). Click here to order Fun with Origami.

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  • World Geography

  • Continents and Areas of the World

    Have fun testing your knowledge of World Geography with this simple online game: Click here for World Quiz. Learn all about the 7 Continents of the world: Click here for Continents. Learn all about the Polar Regions of the world: Click here for Polar Regions.

    Homeschool Forms: Remember to jot down your daily lessons on our blank Weekly Planner Logs, available for printing on our Homeschool Forms page: Click here.

    Weekly Lessons: For a year's worth of Weekly Lessons, select links from the menu on the left for Grades K-2, Grades 3-6, Grades 6-9, or Grades 9-12.

  • Tangrams, Math, & History

  • Create Tangrams!

    A tangram is a square made up of 7 pieces. Draw your own tangrams, using this step-by-step guide: Click here. Or create tangrams online, by moving the 7 shapes around: Click here. Explore the history of tangrams, too! Click here

  • Tessellations and Math

  • Create Your Own Tessellations!

    A tessellation can be made from patterns of triangles, squares, or other shapes to create fascinating pictures. Create tessellations with this fun game: Click here. Or to create colorful tessellations with paper and markers, follow these step-by-step directions: Click here. To learn more about tessellations in relation to geometry, Click here.

  • Ecosystems and Biomes

  • Find Your Region's Biome

    Learn about different biomes of the world, as well as marine ecosystems and freshwater ecosystems. Click here to learn about rainforests, tundra, taiga, deserts, grasslands, wetlands, rivers, streams, oceans, shorelines, and more. Create a colorful poster, depicting biomes and ecosystems of the world!

  • Free Homeschool Activity: Learn Math by Cooking!
  • What math skills can you learn by cooking and baking? How many tablespoons are in a cup? How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? If you double a recipe, or cut a recipe in half, what happens to the measurements? How are fractions helpful in baking? Have fun cooking up math, at the links below:

  • Free Homeschool Activity: Learn about Magnetism!
  • Try the magnetic experiments, below! What is magnetism? How was it discovered? Where did magnetism get its name? How does magnetism work? What is a magnetic field? Experiment with magnetism and learn more, here:

  • Free Homeschool Activity: Learn about Famous Explorers!
  • Take the Famous Explorers Quiz at the link, below. How many quiz questions did you get right? How many were incorrect? Write down the names of the explorers you weren't familiar with, then have fun learning more about them. Get started here:

  • Free Homeschool Activity: Read a Book a Day!
  • Focus on reading one book per day. Then discuss what you like about the books. Which was your favorite book, and who was your favorite author? What have you learned from reading the books? Did the books inspire you to write similar stories or books? For several book suggestions, click the links below:

    Remember: You can record these activities, and the ones below, on the Weekly Planner Log, available for subscribers on our Homeschool Forms page: Click Here

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    If You Prefer to Not Use the Above Links or Ideas, you can encourage your children to explore the topics listed below, using the "5 W's and H". See how much your children can learn from each topic, and see how far their research can take them!

    - Who was Mark Twain?
    - What is a "myth"? What is a "legend"?
    - When were the Middle Ages?
    - Where are the Andes Mountains?
    - Why did George Washington cross the Delaware River?
    - How do water droplets bend and reflect light?
    - Who was Thomas Paine?
    - What creates static electricity?
    - When was Mars discovered?
    - Where was Pangaea?
    - Why did the American Revolutionary War take place?
    - How might you create Cubist artwork, and who is famous for his Cubism style?
    - Keep asking questions and have fun learning each day!

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