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April 2017
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Virtual Field Trips

Human Body: Take a Virtual Field Trip through the Human Body:

Tour Suggestions:
  • Visit the systems of the human body, investigate the different systems, and play the games: Click here. (NOTE: At the human body site, always click the "Home" button at the top of the page, rather than clicking Back.)
  • Visit the Brain Parts and turn the brain from front to side for different exterior views. Then see cross-sections of interior views.
  • Click on different areas of the Skeletal System and bone up on the names of the bones in the human body.
  • Build a Skeleton with the Skeletal System Game. (Remember to click the "Home" button to go to different areas on the site, rather than the Back button.)
  • View an animated Heart and watch the Blood Flow in and out. Then slow down the Heart Rate or speed it up. What causes heart rates to slow down or speed up?
  • Take a close look at the Digestive System in the body. Then organize the Digestive Organs in their proper places.

Dinosaurs and Fossils: Take a Virtual Tour of Dinosaur Museums:

Take virtual tours of dinosaur museums in the American Museum of Natural History. Launch both virtual tours in the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs Click Here and in the Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs: Click Here.

Then take the virtual tours of the Hall of Primitive Mammals Click Here and the Hall of Advanced Mammals by scrolling down the page at the American Museum of Natural History: Click Here.

Learning Suggestions:
  • Research the dinosaurs and mammals noted, such as the Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor, or the early horse called Protohippus and saber-toothed cats.

  • Learn why the dinosaurs and mammals became extinct. What animals, today, are on the verge of extinction?

  • Try these learning activities on dinosaurs and ancient fossils: Click Here.

  • Observe and learn about Vertebrate Origins: Click Here.

  • Write descriptions of what you learned on your Dinosaur Virtual Tour. Draw illustrations of the dinosaurs and mammals, and label each. Keep these in your Journal.

  • Create dinosaur models with kits, or create your own dinosaurs, using balsa wood or popsicle sticks. Take pictures of your dinosaur projects and keep with your Journal, too. For dinosaur kits, consider resources such as these: Click Models.

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Ancient Egypt: Take a Virtual Field Trip to Ancient Egypt:

Learn about Ancient Egypt, the Pyramids, and where kings hid their tombs. Tour the geography of Egypt, its architecture, hieroglyphs, daily life, timelines, and more. Begin your virtual field trip now: Ancient Egypt.

Tour Suggestions:
  • Great Pyramid Tour: Click here to go inside the Great Pyramid!

  • Explore the Pyramids: Click here.

  • Geography of Egypt: Click here.

  • Architecture of Egypt: Click here.

  • Hieroglyphs of Egypt: Click here.

  • Daily Life in Egypt: Click here.

  • Timelines of Egypt: Click here.

  • Sciences in Egypt: Click here.

  • Government in Egypt: Click here.

  • Religion in Egypt: Click here.

  • Select your favorite facts or topics learned from your Egyptian Virtual Field Trip. Draw or write about what you learned. Create an Egyptian display, exhibit, or artwork to show others. Take pictures of your display or exhibit and keep in your homeschool photo album or scrapbook.

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Railroads: Take a Field Trip across the Transcontinental Railroad:

Follow the growth across America through the Transcontinental Railroad Timeline and Gallery. (Preview the project at the links which follow.)

View the photos of Native Americans, pioneers moving to the West, gold prospectors, railroad workers drilling tunnels through rock and laying rail, and more: Click here.

Click here to see other events on the Timeline that occurred during the same period, such as:
  • The discovery of gold
  • Presidents of that era
  • End of the Civil War
  • Nitroglycerin explosion
  • Founding of Western towns
  • Mormon and Native American leaders
  • The joining together of the East and West segments of the Transcontinental Railroad in Utah.
Interactive activities:
  • Take part in the "Race to Utah" with this interactive online map, by Clicking here.

  • Read about, research, and learn more about specific people and events surrounding the Railroad, by Clicking here.

Follow-up lesson plan ideas:
  • Use the online "Teacher's Guide" for suggested activities and adapt them for your children. Activities focus on Geography, History, Economics and Railroad Costs, and Civics and Cultural Impact of the Railroad: Click here.

  • See how a train works: Click here.

  • Interested in model trains as a hobby? Click here.

Visit us often over the coming months for new, interesting field trips, added throughout the year!

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